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Happy Wheels
Happy Wheels
Happy Wheels is a popular physics obstacle course game by Totaljerkface. This peaceful and inoffensive name hides a game full of blood and violence that is very funny at the same time. Let us take an old man and seat him in a wheelchair. Then let us take a track full of obstacles from a motocross game, stuff it with dangerous traps and scatter some explosives here and there. And now, let us make our poor old man go through this track from the start to the end. How absurd this could sound, you can do it in Happy Wheels. You can experiment not only with the old man, but also with a father with his kid on a bicycle or a business guy on the Segway. That depends on your skills, whether your character will arrive alive to the finish and how many body parts he will loose, but you may find it funny to see him loosing both legs after a jump from a high platform and spattering the screen with fountains of cartoonish blood.

The blood and injuries in Happy Wheels are cartoony enough not to get too grossed out, but retain a sufficient degree of realism to appreciate dark humor of the game. This may be funny to treat badly your character, making him, for example, loose an arm, then a leg, then break another leg making the broken part trail after the character, because Happy Wheels allows to continue the race, even if the character is very much injured. But you should know that the more your character is damaged, the trickier it becomes to control him and finish the level.

Happy Wheels is a side view motocross-style game and its basic controls are common for the games of this type, so if you have ever played a motocross game, it will not be hard for you to master the controls of Happy Wheels. Use up arrow key to move forward, down arrow key to reverse, left and right arrow keys to lean left or right. Happy Wheels also uses Space, Shift and Control keys for special actions. Z key is used to eject the character from the vehicle when you get stuck.

The game has a build-in level editor allowing you to create your own track that you can then play and even share with other people. However, you will need to register to share your creations.

Upon the whole, Happy Wheels is a good ragdoll-motocross physics game, that provides not only the pleasure of overcoming different obstacles, like any motocross-style game, but also let you see the consequence of your imprudent riding on your character. Enjoy Happy Wheels.
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